The BigVan Concept

  • The BigVan Concept

My concept is to provide an onsite production vehicle with all the services & facilities of a photographer’s studio on location anywhere in Australia. Be it shooting in a house in Bellevue
Hill or by the side of the road 300 kilometres outside of Alice Springs. The vehicle will include a state of the art digital capture workstation comprising of the latest in Apple Computers & real
time digital storage, offering photographers the security & stability they love so much about shooting in their studio, anywhere in Australia.

The vehicle will also provide a dedicated Hair & Make up area in the rear of the vehicle along with ample wardrobe storage & talent change area. There will be a client area with L shaped
leather lounge in the forward area giving those that require it full view of what is unfolding outside, along with refrigeration for drinks & catering & a REAL Espresso machine for great
coffee anywhere! This will all take place in a fully climate controlled environment.

Power will be delivered via a combination of solar electricity, conventional generators & an onboard 800Ahr battery system charged every time the vehicle is driven.


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Australia’s newest and best-equipped digital location support vehicle.

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